Tuesday, August 8, 2023

UFO Abductions

I have always believed there is life somewhere else in the universe. It's so big and unexplored, how could there not be? I've never been sure about stories from people saying they've come in contact with aliens. though. It seems like they are always the same stereotypical story, with a beam coming out of a ship and then the person waking up on an operating table surrounded by what most people would immediately recognize as an alien. It validates these people's experience at fist, with so many others going through the same thing, but I always thought it was weird. People are experiencing it in the same way media and most people would imagine it would happen. Learning how many recollections of being abducted by an alien are false memories made sense. People may go through something unexplainable, and with the belief of aliens already on their mind, their memory fills in the gaps in a way that makes sense to them. In the video with the woman who believes she saw a UFO, the person guiding her hypnotism leads her on and encourages her to try to remember more. She is suggesting there is more to be uncovered, so the woman's mind fills in those details. 

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