Monday, August 7, 2023

Blog post# 3- Wendigo

A Wendigo is a supernatural being that originates from Native American tales, it is said that humans transform into Windigos because of insatiable greed or hunger. It was a curse that fell upon murderers and cannibals, they become soulless creatures with a body resembling a tree, acquiring superhuman strength and speed. They live only to hunt and consume humans. These creatures can imitate human voices and screams in order to trick and lure its prey. What's more the only way to kill a Wendigo is with fire, this is a difficult task as they can move rapidly to avoid traps and direct attacks. 

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  1. Hey Jorge,
    I often been fascinated by Native American folklore. They are multiple cryptids from tribal cultures such as Skinwalkers, Chupacabras and of course Wendigo's that make me wonder what they actually saw. I feel it's apparent that these legends are based on something concrete that both you and I could observe but was it really something supernatural or did they see something more mundane? For example, could a wendigo just have been some sort of rapid or sick animal such as a wolf? A lot of folklore comes from ancient cultures that misidentified animals. It's often believed that the Chinese mistaken dinosaur fossils for those of dragons, so I feel that something similar happening to Native Americans is not that far off.