Monday, August 7, 2023

Blog 3#: False Memories

The Ted Talk with psychologist Elizabeth Loftus was my favorite video I have watched for this class. The art of suggestion and insinuation is so strong it can change how you remember your own memories. It made me question my own memories since I already have a bad memory to begin with. What surprised me the most is that in a traumatic event you would think that someone would remember the every detail of their situation. The art of suggestion and insinuation can still plant false memories and details in someone's memory. Steven Titus was wrongfully convicted of the SA of a hitchhiker. Even though he was eventually found not guilty, even after serving time, it still ruined his life and he eventually died from a stress induced heart attack. This leads me to question how many other people were wrongfully convicted due to false memories of an accuser. 

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  1. I also really enjoyed the video with Elizabeth Loftus. I found it interesting that just with the power of suggestion, people can remember events that never actually happened to them. I think that the way people somehow come up with all these small details while recalling past memories is what makes them truly believe the memories are real. In reality, the mind remembers things based on current expectations as we learned in class. If the person guiding the memory asks more and more leading questions, it will cause the person's mind to come up with more elaborate details.