Thursday, August 3, 2023

Blog Post #3: The End of the World

    The end of the world has always been a concern of mine and everyone else. I was too young during the Y2K scare to understand what was happening, but I remember the 2012 Mayan prophecy for the world's end. I did not take the 2012 end of the world seriously as my parents were not concerned by already experiencing Y2K and just chalking it up to another false claim. I remember watching the 2012 movie and wondering if the end of the world would look like that if and when it happened. Though the 2012 movie was an over-the-top portrayal to gain the viewer's attention, I was so interested in the movie that I overslept the next day from staying up late to watch it. 

    I do not blame people for having doomsday bunkers and needing to protect themselves during an apocalypse. It is wise for people to feel the need to prepare and defend themselves however they see fit. With various people claiming that the world's end will happen every few years, I do not blame people for preparing for anything that might occur. Though none of my friends or myself have bunkers or poured thousands of dollars toward protecting themselves from the end of the world, I still have friends that feel the need to keep emergency resources and food stashed away in case something out of the ordinary happens. Anything can happen after what we all experienced these past couple of years in the world.

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  1. I also do not blame people for having bunkers in case of the end of the world! I definitely think having some backup resources in case anthin g were to happen is smart because you never know what could happen. Even if it is another pandemic!