Monday, August 7, 2023

Blog #2: Learning Styles

I found the learning styles lecture very interesting to me since I can relate it to my own personal learning experiences. I always considered myself as a visual learner since I always found it easier to learn with pictures, maps, or videos. Even during math problems I would have to draw a diagram or map out the problem because I found it difficult to imagine it in my head. I found that I am more concentrated on lectures that have videos with examples of the course material. In the lecture video, Daniel T. Willingham explains that the learning styles theory does not exist. He explains that although it is true that some people have a better visual or auditory memory than others, this does not support the learning styles theory. He further explains that what a teacher wants a student to learn is based usually on meaning not based on its visual, auditory, or kinesthetic material. This was a surprise to me since I always believed in this theory. Actually, I didn't even know it was a theory I thought it was a fact. Despite this theory being debunked, teachers can still apply the fact that some students have a better visual, auditory, or kinesthetic memory than others. By still including visuals, videos, and hands on practice to course materials it can still be helpful for students to understand the meaning of the material.

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