Saturday, August 5, 2023

Blog Post 3 - Learning Styles / False Memories

    This lecture contained some of the most disturbing concepts out of any of the ones we’ve explored across the class. Starting with our learning styles, it isn’t all that surprising to learn that we can’t produce a reliable system of catering to individual student’s minds. As much as I can appreciate the consideration, it never worked for me in a personal experience. As for the false memories portion of the lecture, it reveals just how malleable the human brain can be when put under the correct pressures. People who feel they need to remember, or even want to remember, can find themselves in separate realities. At that point, a lot can be questioned. What is the truth? Is it simply what everyone accepts? If everyone except you remembers an event differently, is it the single individual who is wrong? The implications of not being able to trust your own mind are truly horrifying. But, again, it is important to just trust in the thought process. Think slowly, rationally, and carefully.

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  1. I also agree with not being able to trust our own minds and just the thought of not being able to put it in our brains and actually not having any memorization of what we just put in our heads. I also was really curious to see how our learning styles worked and how we use them for our everyday sources. I found it really interesting to learn about our memorization.