Saturday, August 5, 2023

Jersey Devil


 If you grew up in New Jersey chances are that you have heard of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil has become a part of local New Jersey culture, with various accounts and retellings of the legend being passed down through generations. The creature remains a mystery and continues to capture the imagination of people interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology. What is so incredible to me about the Jersey Devil is that there were so many witnesses to this creature in which everyone saw about the same thing. Police even tried to shoot it down in a failed attempt. For an entire week everyone's livestock was found slaughtered. A woman also claimed that it was attacking her dog and she hit it in the head and it flew off.

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  1. Hi, Alyssa! I agree. Being a New Jersey native, the Jersey Devil has become a symbol and is part of our culture. People have made sculptures, based attractions, and sold merchandise of the Jersey Devil, related it to New Jersey and associated it with the history of this state. I also find it incredible that so many witnesses and accounts admitted to seeing the creature. I always wonder how much of it is an accurate recollection and how many stories have been made up stories. Either way, the Jersey Devil is a fun and interesting topic I always enjoy discussing.