Monday, August 7, 2023

Blog Post #1: Aliens and UFOs

Growing up I always believed in aliens and unidentified objects. It never made sense to me that Earth would be the only planet that inhabits advanced living organisms. Our universe is so vast that it's impossible to think that there isn't other living life forms. While reading and watching the lecture slides and videos, there were a lot of evidence that indicated that past UFO abductions could have been fake or a false memory. According to the lecture, "Those who typically believe in aliens have other esoteric beliefs, more instances of sleep paralysis, and have a higher rating of fantasy". What's interesting is that recently the government has confirmed not only the existence of UFOs but also the existence of aliens. Because of this, skeptics are now questioning their own beliefs in aliens. This also makes me question if those who were abducted will now be taken more seriously or if this confirmation will cause an increase in false abductions stories. 

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