Thursday, August 3, 2023

Blog Post #1: The Jersey Devil

    Growing up around the pine barrens in New Jersey, I was always fascinated by stories and evidence of the Jersey Devil when I was younger. During Halloween, a couple of friends and I would walk around areas of pine barren and try to listen to any noises or shrieks in the night. I was always skeptical about the stories and evidence of the Jersey Devil, and growing up where it is said to be present, I have never found any evidence or reasons to believe that the Jersey Devil is real. The story of the Jersey Devil was told for over three hundred years and is still being discussed. I have always wondered how much has been made up or fabricated throughout the years, along with other stories from different states that pertain to the Chupacabra or Bigfoot.

    I find it shocking that the alleged sightings in 1909, where many people experienced having seen the Jersey Devil, had the power to stop people from working and going to school. I can only imagine how scared people must have been to leave their houses during this time. It makes me think about the people in the area who are either afraid of these stories or the type of people that make it a symbol of New Jersey and embrace and use the story on things like products and attractions. One sure thing, these legends will always be remembered and told throughout generations. Here is a video of a Rutgers professor discussing the legend of the Jersey Devil with his class and an example of a company that uses the Jersey Devil story to sell its products. 

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  1. Brandon,
    I think that the most crazy part is that there was so many alleged encounters with the Jersey Devil including the police trying to shoot it down.