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Lecture 1-10

 Lecture 1: 

In Lecture One, we learn about the different ways of thinking. Automatically and effortlessly is how “we think.” Some examples mentioned in the slides were, “How old are you?” or “How did you get home?” However, it is much more complicated than that. Fast thinking, which is biased and fallacies, combines four different ways to do this. Slow thinking touches the surface of a critical thinker. The three kinds of thinkers are mentioned and explained in detail with a video following. My favorite to learn about was the Selfish Critical Thinker. Although some people may want to believe this is not their thinking process, but it can be applied to others. Understanding and comprehending the different ways of thinking to analyze oneself and others is important. As the first lecture for an introduction for this course, I believe that it goes over multiple different ways to think and gives the students (me) the opportunity to dig further into definitions of Pseudoscience and the paranormal. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 2: 

Lecture two was extremely interesting to me because before going to Stockton University, I would joke with my friends about the Jersey Devil and how it supposedly lives in South Jersey. My boyfriend, who is a South Jersey resident, lives on a farm, and for the first few months we were dating, I would always tell him that the Jersey Devil lives on his farm. I learned about the Jersey Devil in High School and actually did a project on it, so I was happy to see that this course went over it. However, in the slides was a clip of an old newspaper where the Jersey Devil is blurred in Galloway, New Jersey. This was interesting because I had no idea where I attend University, where people believed the Devil was living. However, the Chupacabarcs were not something that I was familiar with. Overall, I enjoyed all of these stories as I was somewhat familiar with the legends, the history and the backstories of them were very interesting to me. 

For anyone interested, there is a restaurant in Little Egg Harbor, about 25 minutes from the school there is a small restaurant called Lucilles which they advertise it being home to the Jersey Devil. There's a sculpture of the Devil outside of the restaurant. Pretty cool to check out! 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 3: 

Out-of-body experiences in Lecture Three were fascinating to me. I do believe that somewhere someone definitely is able to access the 10 percentile of their brain. Although rare, there are people that make attempts at telepathy and other things. I did not know that Plato, a known scientist, had commented on out-of-body experiences. “Body is a vessel containing a soul.” (Plato 5th Century BC). In conclusion, both of these lessons were very different and not what I was expecting with this class but I can connect it back to the main ideas and understand why its crucial to appreciate out-of-body experience and the 10% of our brain. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 4: 

In 2012 I remember being in school and hearing rumors of “the end of the world.” I was very young (9 years old) and not fully understanding what this meant. As I got older, I learned a little more about why people thought the end of the world was coming but I couldn't appreciate it at the time. I never wanted to think about the end of the world because of the uncomfortableness behind it. It was really intriguing to learn about the different kinds of theories that other people came up with about when the world is “really” going to end. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 5: 

In Lecture Five, subliminal messaging and the Mozart effect are discussed. Mostly subliminal self-help and the role of replication in science. It is understood that the Mozart effect should no longer be used, and society should come up with another source of replicating correctly for science-based procedures. After reviewing the slides, I was surprised to learn of the differences and similarities I was able to make. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *


Lecture 6: 

Lecture 6 is about psychic crime detectives and starts off with the disappearance of Charles Capel. Capel had gone missing for months. Noreen Reiner had made attempts with her “psychic” abilities but she was wrong, it was vague and inaccurate. If psychic crime detectives were able to be accurate, then using it for missing persons or solving a case would be an extreme help, but so far, to my knowledge and in the slides, there was nobody who was able to do it. This is intriguing because people who get psychic readings done believe that what they say is 100% the truth, this is tricky and sometimes dangerous. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 7: 

In this lecture, I learned a lot about different types of learning styles, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and craft versus academic knowledge. I was also able to learn about the Florence False Interpretation study. All things in these slides were interesting to learn about and I was able to make multiple connections between my learning styles as a student and my memories of recalling past events of what I can and cannot remember. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 8: 

I can identify my father's handwriting, my mother's, and my sister's all differently based on their handwriting. I have also noticed that my handwriting has changed as I get older. I appreciate the traits and studies this particular graphology makes on history. It is a good way to identify people and figure out some things about them before speaking a word to each other. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 9: 

This had to be one of my favorite lessons by far. I was fascinated by the different kinds of aliens and UFOS when I was younger. Learning about this was a really unique experience based on my background in the topic. People worldwide have reported seeing these mysterious objects, and authorities, groups, and researchers have conducted investigations into UFO sightings. Even after extensive research, certain cases of UFO sightings remain unsolved, despite the vast majority of them having conventional explanations. The idea of extraterrestrial life invading Earth has sparked curiosity and interest in response to these unexplained occurrences. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

Lecture 10: 

I absolutely LOVED that the Salem Witch trials are a slide. The history of the Salmen Witch trials is just mesmerizing. It is insane that people believed these women to be witches. The accusations and the hysteria at the time were probably incredible. In conclusion, aroma therapy and the mass delusions are important in factoring in pseudoscience and the paranormal. 

*All work cited from Professor Bergs Slides- *

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