Thursday, August 3, 2023

Blog Post #2: Ten Percent of Our Brains

     In the past, I have had people tell me that humans only use ten percent of our brains, which was stated to me as a fact. I found it interesting for the longest time until I learned that different brain parts control specific things. So how can only ten percent be used, and how come nobody has ever been able to tap into that? Though using ten percent of our brain is a myth, it is a fascinating topic to think about, which Hollywood has already discovered and made movies about. 

    Upon looking at the slides for our lecture, I had never heard of the movie Lucy, so I decided to watch it. The concept and story were fun to watch, but it seems ridiculous upon discovering it is a myth. I remember also watching the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, where a pill turned him into the perfect version of himself. Though it is a fun and exciting concept, it is purely fictional. Many people consider these ideas because they desire to be the perfect versions of themselves. Many people resort to tricks to prove they have psychic or telekinetic abilities and to turn people into believers. It is good to see individuals like James Randi proving to everyone that these abilities can be performed through illusions. It makes people consider what they are perceiving. Here is a link to a video that quickly discusses how brain function works and why using ten percent is a myth. 


  1. Brandon
    Using 10% of our brains was something I always believed to be true. It is crazy how we believe what we are told with no scientific evidence to back it up. Learning it was a myth was surprising but also makes more sense.

  2. Hey Brandon,
    A good metaphor I heard about how we only use 10% of our brains is that a Stoplight only uses 33% of it's light. I also feel like it's a prime example of psuedoscientific thought because at first glance it sounds like a plausible and reasonable thing to believe in. However in reality it's just an old wives tale. And just like pseudoscience it sadly holds staying power despite being widely discredited For me personally, i feel this doesn't bold well for our collective future as a society