Friday, August 4, 2023

Blog Post #1- The Third Eye

     The third eye is a metaphorical term for a higher state of consciousness. Some people are born with it "open", for others it may open unexpectedly, and some may choose to open it. The third eye is said to allow a person to access their inner realms. With the third eye it is also said that you have a higher connection to the paranormal being able to feel and see things like of the beyond. I'm not saying I'm 100% sold on it but I definitely keep an open mind to it, there's many out there that claim they have their third eye open and have experienced paranormal things all their life and everywhere they go.


  1. Jorge
    As crazy as it sounds I do believe the third eye. Some say opening the third eye can help with anxiety. Holistic practitioners believe when the pineal gland is activated it can lead to higher intuition.

  2. Hey Jorge! I have always found the third eye to be very interesting. I feel like most people have seen the symbol and wear it for aesthetics and do not even know theres a meaning behind it!