Monday, July 12, 2021

Ways of Thinking

 First, I want to start this blog post by stating that the mind's thoughts are endless. The "Ways of Thinking," lesson really got me too critically think and really take into perspective these thoughts I have everyday. Whether they are fast thoughts or critically thought. According to (,) I researched that humans have over 6000 thoughts per day. Now what we are thinking about one might ask. It varies. I learned that there are three kinds of thinkers, and I'd like to classify myself as a "Fair-minded critical thinker." These type of thinkers aren't selfish thinkers. They are thinkers who not only want best for theirselves but for people around them and the world. I put myself under this category, 1. because I am a deep thinker. I think outside the box and really really put things into perspective when thinking, and 2. because I am fair minded when I have thoughts. 

I wanted to include this image that professor provided for us in the slides because I think the two most important amongst these elements of thought, are YOUR point of view. I say this because I feel like without your own point of view, how are you supposed to have your own thought or idea on whatever the case may be. I also feel like PURPOSE is huge because there is always a purpose behind thoughts whether we know it or not, there is always purpose. And that purpose is the goal or objective. We must use these elements of thought if one wants to "learn how to think slow and critically." This is more of slow thinking compared to fast thinking. Slow thinking has to do with these elements more in terms of critically thinking compared to fast thoughts that require little to no effort and are more "automatic," to us. Something like Professor included : "How did you get home?" A thought like this is simple minded, requires no extra elements so to speak. 


  1. Jevon,
    You made a lot of valid points in your blog post. I agree with you when you stated that the most important in the elements was a person's point of view. It is definitely crucial to have your own opinion on whatever the situation.

  2. Jevon,
    Your post was very interesting to follow along and read. The fact that you read somewhere- that people on average have 6,000 thoughts per day spoke volumes to me, as I believe I am an extreme over thinker. I agree with you that point of view and purpose of thoughts are two elements to help one learn to think slow and critically.

  3. Jevon,

    Thank you for taking the time to write about our "Ways of Thinking". For myself, coming from generation X, these thought patterns were not considered at a young age. Looking back in my own life, I can see how I often lived life in a reactionary state. This would frequently leave me shaking my head and unfortunately pointing the finger. As I have become older, on the other side of 45, I have learned from my mistakes. I have been afforded the great experience of many different situations and cultures; I have come to realize that critical thinking is a necessary tool if we are to ever experience personal growth and true enlightenment. These are the keys to our growth as a culture. As a father now, I admire the path that some of our younger generation are taking. Your post was insightful and thought provoking. Continue to good work!