Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Jersey Devil Inconsistency


Everyone living in southern New Jersey is familiar with the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil was supposedly born as a human baby but transformed into a bloodthirsty monster just moments after its birth killing the midwives who helped it be born. Then it went on to slaughter most of its family members before breaking out through the chimney. Even to this day many people claim to have encountered this creature. They say it has bright red eyes, stands a little taller than a man, and screams like a woman. In the 1900s the sightings were so common that schools and places of work were shut down for days. An interesting thing to note is that the more recent encounters from 1900 to the present day have never included deaths. This is very much contrary to the origin story of the creature. I believe the fact that this devil has never killed anyone in recent times shows that it must be a different creature or not exist at all. Below is a picture taken of a supposed Jersey Devil Sighting.

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