Monday, July 19, 2021

Video: "What your handwriting says about you."

 This class site post is based off Lecture #8 provided by Professor Berg. This lecture is having to do with "Graphology." 

I had no idea what graphology was or what it meant all I knew was that the term means some type of subject of study. Now this specific subject of study really caught my eye and interests me. What is Graphology? Graphology is the study of handwriting. What is being studied is how a person's handwriting infers their personality and character. When I first found out what the study was, I was like "What does this even mean." How can someone study a person's handwriting and then say "Oh he's mean because his handwriting is sloppy." I thought this type of theory was nuts. But once looking deeper into the lesson, I can relate. 

The video: "What your handwriting says about you," pretty much lays out many different types of handwriting and what those types of handwriting says about that writer. Now when I say type of handwriting, I mean things like word and letter spacing, silently writing, how much pressure is put on the paper while writing, or even the size of the letter writing. One example in the video was small handwriting/writers. They were given traits seen as shy, studious, concentrated, and meticulous. Now, I just want to add that not all are true. At least in my opinion, there is no way all small writers in the world are ALL shy, there's definitely small writers who are out-going and not shy. This is theorized. 

Now, the part of the video that really struck me was that, people who write their words spaced out (Like I do myself,) are described as people who enjoy their freedom, don't like crowds and don't like being overwhelmed. That's me, spot on. 

There are so many types of writer and types of writing styles and types of people and types of personalities in the whole world. So many! This study was very interesting to me because some definitely prove to be true.


  1. Jevon, this is the first time I have stumbled upon this video of "what your handwriting says about you". I happen to have a very long writing style as displayed and, yes, it is accurate as I do love to travel. Considering graphology is the study of handwriting I found it particularly interesting when I began to fall into some of these writing styles/categories. However, when broken down graphology is essentially like trying to analyze someone by the clothes they wear or the car they drive. So while this might be accurate, there are many other confounding factors that play a role. You make a valid point when you say this is all theorized. This was a very interesting study indeed, Jevon, and I enjoyed reading your perspective on this.

  2. Hi Jevon, I think the video on graphology was interesting but not telling of most. I personally write very large and broad but I am shy and only have a couple of close friends. According to graphology I should have tons of friends and be very outgoing. It may be a useful tool in certain cases but it seems to generalize too much.

  3. Hello Jevon, this topic caught my attention because I'm the type of person who has a different handwriting style for each occasion. I write differently when I'm taking notes in class than when I'm writing a birthday or love letter. I also combine cursive and print handwriting and I like to write some sentences small and some big, depending on the importance. I watched the video on Lecture #8 and it was right in some aspects but in others, it was totally off of my personality. In my opinion, "Graphology" is a general way to classify people but as with colors, there are many tonalities, with people, there are many types of personalities and I don't think we should only fit in this classification. Overall it was a really interesting topic.

  4. Hi Jevon, this topic was really interesting because as someone who constantly changes handwriting styles it was interesting to watch how people interrupt handwriting and try to guess someone's personality. It reminds me of horoscopes in a way that they use mostly generalization to try and predict specific events and its interesting to see how they try to do this with as little information as a person's handwriting