Monday, July 19, 2021

Psychic Crime Detective - Site Post 3

     Out of all of the paranormal that we have learned about throughout this course, the one I definitely feel drawn to the most is about psychics and mediums. For as long as I can remember growing up, my grandmother was very keen on a famous psychic who helped police officers solve crimes and she was known as Sylvia Brown. In the early 2000's, she was extremely popular, with many books published and her own television show. Our slideshows also talked about a psychic who was also a help in crime investigations, Noreen Renier. She was known to help police officers in finding the body of Charles Chapel. Although some believe her to not be of that much assistance in this, I tend to believe otherwise. I think that psychics are very real. While she may not have solved the case herself, there were clear given clues that seemed to help in the search of Chapel. There are of course many people who claim to be psychics for the fame and the money, but for example, Sylvia Brown refused to ever take money when helping police officers or other situations. Although it is not much, it does leads me more to believe that she just wanted to use her gift for the benefit of others. There are so many different situations in which something happens that you cannot explain. I do feel there are people who are given the gift of intuition and seeing what those without it cannot. 

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  1. Hey Laci. I agree with you that psychics are real. Although there are those that are fakes like you mentioned, I still believe there are real psychics who just want to help others with their gifts.