Friday, July 23, 2021

Types of Thinkers

 There are a whole lot of different types of thinkers in the world. We have Naive thinkers, Selfish thinkers, and fair-minded thinkers. But those aren't the only types of thinkers known in the world of critical thinking. Holistic (nonlinear) thinkers see the big pictures and understand the different components that contribute to a system. Going back to the main thinking ways, Naive thinkers are seen in different groups of people. Those types of thinkers do not want to improve their critical thinking and tend to stay on the same level. Naive thinkers see the world from a different perspective than any other thinkers. They tend to believe information from others very quickly without researching if the information is corrort. Then we have the selfish thinkers, who believe the world surround around them. They only think of themselves and make decisions that benefit them the most. They backstab others and are not loyal to any other peoples feeling except for themselves 

The fair minded thinking is a combination of the naive thinkers and the selfish thinkers. The fairminded thinkers care about the decisions that they make and how it will affect others. This type of thinkers want the best for everyone and is always there to help others out when needed to be. Fairminded try to improve their thinking skills everyday. Most people practice different thinking skills depending on the situations they are in because thinking skills changes on the situations and event that may be occuring.

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  1. I think this is a pretty great post. It really shows the role that each form of thinking takes in the role. The fact that people change their ways of thinking to navigate different situations is something I tend to forget. This was a great reminder.