Friday, July 30, 2021


      The term Sasquatch originated from carved totem poles and masks of the Kwakiutl Native Americans. Kwakiutl's were actually cannibals that lived deep in the forest and would hunt small children. They were mistake for "wild beasts" due to their large size and abnormally hairy bodies. Legend kept on and these carvings were turned into folklore. The new term Sasquatch began to catch on, and became the main folkloric concept. From then on Sasquatch would be known for any animal or thing that could possibly identify as a man-beast creature. With all this being, said the folklore began to spread to other parts of the world. 

    The earliest accounts of Bigfoot's existence in North American dates all the way back to 1811, where a record of potential man-beast footprints which was reported by David Thompson a trader/explorer. However, the name Sasquatch dates back much earlier than Bigfoot (which are often referred to synonymously). A Bigfoot tracks were discovered by Gerald “Jerry” Crew who was photographed with the tracks, began to be spread by a wire service across the country. After news had broke about the Bigfoot tracks the name “Bigfoot began to become a country wide phenomenon.

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