Friday, July 30, 2021

Dog Telepathy


Telepathy, a common pseudoscience in the public sphere is highly popular. Telepathy is when someone uses their mind to see into the minds of others and communicate with them. Most telepaths claim to be able to hear your brain’s thoughts and/or see into your memories. One interesting branch of telepathy pet telepathy. Pet Telepathy is when an “Animal Communicator” sends telepathic messages to pets and receives them back. One of these “Animal Communicators” was interviewed to explain how her powers work and to show them in action. In the interview, a dog named Buddy was brought in. The telepath claimed that she asked Buddy how old he was, and he said an age younger than he was. She explained this as Buddy being young at heart. She also claimed that Buddy told her he was happy with his owners and that he viewed the start of his life as the time he was taken home by his owners. All of these “telepathic” questions could be made up on the spot by anyone. I could say I am communicating with your dog and say that he told me his age was 1. Even if the dog is older, I could just say that he told me that age because he is young at heart. Pet telepathy does not have convincing evidence.

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  1. Hi Nicholas, interesting post! Before taking this course I never knew there were people who claimed to be an animal communicator. Its easy to see how people can make it appear as though they truly have the ability to communicate with animals, and you provided great examples to exemplify how they can do so. In a way, I wish we could communicate telepathically with pets because I always wonder what my dog could possibly be thinking about.