Thursday, July 22, 2021

How To Communicate Telepathically With Your Pet

     After watching the interview with Donna Velardi from Zodiapet, and Jessica Flemming along with her dog Buddy, my eyes have opened in terms of communication with my own animals. It was a really intriguing interview where Donna Velardi explains she communicates with animals via internal thoughts and signals which are sent to the animals, and in this case were sent to Buddy. Along with telepathically communicating with the dog, Velardi explains she also has some special abilities as well, that maybe some other people aren't aware of in themselves or just do not possess it. She has physic intuitive abilities where she can read not only human thoughts, but animals as well.

    The importance of understanding what is on an animal, or your animals mind can be the difference in positive or negative behavior, that is why I believe this interview is so important. In order to understand your pet you need to be very in tune with them and understand them- their actions, vocals and certain cues. In one instance Velardi asks Jessica's dog how old he is telepathically and Buddy responds he is five. When she asked Jessica his age, she explained he was actually ten, and what this proves is that Buddy is a kid at heart. To me this is somewhat obvious in animals, especially when trying to understand my own dogs. One of my dogs loves to play fetch, run around with me outside, he enjoys the beach and long walks. However my other dog is a lot more reserved, she likes to be outside only for brief periods of time and is not as playful. The difference in the two is my boy dog is still a kid at heart and I observe this through speaking to him and watching his actions. They are both the same age, but just different types of animals, which I have come to understand by just being in tune with them.


    It is very interesting that when we speak to our animals, just like when we speak to other humans- we must understand that each word has energy behind it. Animals are extremely receptive to positive tones, and I know this through experience as my dogs have only learned all of their abilities through positive speech and tone. It is the same with humans, as we are all much more responsive to positive words that have positive energy behind them. Being patient is also one of the best ways to be able to communicate with your animals, as when we are not patient we lose our ability to remain positive. This interview was so informative and very relatable because my animals are so amazing, and I would do anything to be able to be more in tune with them to make them as happy as possible.


The included pictures are my dogs!



  1. The idea of being more in tune with your animals and understanding them better is so amazing. I have a dog of my own, and I believe that this interview can help owners form an even closer bond with their animals. Also, your dogs are adorable.

  2. Awww your dogs are so cute. but yes, I agree with what you said. Dogs has a way of communicating with their owner. Dog can read peoples energy. That's why it's essential for owners to create that communication in order to effectively tune in with the dog energy so it can follow orders when in a public area. Owners who are not tune in with their dogs tend to experience more difficulty when trying to talk and give orders to the dog.