Friday, July 23, 2021


   Dualism is one of the main beliefs of many influential religions including Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism. It is the belief that our soul exists inside of our bodies and has the ability to leave it during and after life. In the Bible, the soul is said to be immortal and that it will live on with God after the body dies. The body on the other hand is not able to live without the soul, and is considered to be raised from the dead if the soul is returned to it.  I believe that because we have a soul it allows us to have a personality and differentiate us from others in society.

    I have read about people who have had out of body experiences. A good example would be Colton Burpo. In the book Heaven is for Real (which later became a movie), it details his trip to Heaven and back when he was just three years old. When Colton told his parents that he had gone to Heaven, he told them he had seen his grandfather who he had never met, and when shown a picture of him as a young man, he recognized him instantly. Colton also recalled seeing the doctors performing surgery on him as his soul was floating above his body. The experience this young boy speaks of seems to prove that the soul can leave the body but must return in order for that person to live.

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