Monday, July 19, 2021

UFO Abductions - Site Post 2

    Amongst all myths and legends out there, one of the most popular and most talked about seems to be about aliens, UFOs, and alien abductions. While there has not been too much proof or evidence on these sightings and happenings, this deems more believable to me than the Jersey Devil or Big Foot. This reason being because there is so much out there in the sky that we can't possibly know about. To think that we are the only living beings in this universe is a bit naive. Just like thinking there isn't more unknown creatures roaming our oceans, being that only five percent of it is discovered. Everyone will always have their own opinions and reasonings for what they believe in and that is of course acceptable. However, there seems to be a lot of people that have come forth with stories in which they have been abducted by aliens. There have been numerous documentaries and television shows with those claiming that they were abducted, and then brought back down to Earth. Although I do believe there are beings out there, I'm not sure what my stance is on the abductions. In our class slideshows, it states that a lot of these abduction reports are from people who have higher fantasy proneness, and even sleep paralysis. Sleep deprivation is also when these experiences seem to happen for some people. This would also make my beliefs lean more towards not being true. 


  1. Laci, I absolutely think aliens exist. Up until recently I was on the fence, but upon the CIA releasing the secret case file documents my skepticism has been put to rest. I like how you said there is far too much that we can't possibly know all about. I think the same thing about how it is honestly naive to think we are the only beings in the whole universe. Also if aliens were not real then there would be no reason to keep Area 51 so heavily under wraps. While I do leave room for the possibility that some stories and sightings are made up, there is no doubt in my mind aliens exist.

  2. Hi Laci! I agree I also think that ALiens exist. My mom was talking to me the other day about Aliens and she said that research dictacts that even if there were a type of alien race that were able to make contact with us, they would choose not to. I think their reasoning behind this is that our race in comparison to an Alien race that was able to make contact with us would be so much smarter then us. The best comparison would be us and animals, like our pet dogs. We love them but we know that they can only understand a certain amount of human life. I thought that sounded like a pretty good argument that they are out there but they just don't want to bother with us.