Monday, July 19, 2021


Upon first glance of this word, "Cryptozoology," I had no idea what to think of it or expect besides the fact that it has the word "Zoo," in it. So, cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. Cryptozoology is basically a study that tries to form closure/a conclusion on animals who's existence is disputed and unsure of. Three examples that we all have probably heard of are: Bigfoot, the loch ness monster, the abominable snowman, or the yeti. All of these creatures existences are unsure of but they definitely live in our heads rent free. 

The specific paranormal myth I will be discussing briefly is "Bigfoot," also sometimes known as "Sasquatch." Bigfoot is to be described as a wild, massive, hairy, man-like/bear-like creature. Now remember, the "Bigfoot," is mythical.... Or is it. The earliest sighting in relation to the "Bigfoot," dates all the way back to 1811 and David Thompson swore too had found potential "Bigfoot," footprints. I won't get into the exact specifics of all of his potential findings or clues or possible sightings but just know they date back to when before we were born. So do we really know? All we hear now is what we see on the media and by word of mouth. There has even been shows made, documentaries, and etc. featuring this mythical creature. Is he real or not? You do your own research and you tell me.

Now, do I believe he is real. I'm going to be completely honest with you, and this is where I think the mind comes into play when it comes to "Cryptozoology." I personally believe "Bigfoot," is exactly what they say he is... A MYTH. But it's my mind who likes to test the theories of his existence. It's hard to just flat out say "No he doesn't," and combat all these potential findings and potential sightings and etc. But nobody has ever seen it. Or has someone? So let's say someone said they have. I mean I haven't so how can I believe it. I think there's a lot of critical thinking to be done when it comes to mythologies like the examples I've listed, especially when so popularized by the world. Some people's minds truly believe "Bigfoot," is out there. But I can't blame them. 

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  1. I though that this study was interesting as well. I think the biggest thing was I did not realize there were real scientists looking into this stuff. I always thought it was crazy conspiracists, who went chasing these animals. I always believe that these guys are real, the yeti, big foot, nessie. I think they may not exactly be what we believe they are but some kind of animal of a large and scary size. For example an abnormally large bear does not seem out of the realm of possibility for big foot.