Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Brain

I remembered watching the movie Lucy; as interesting and entertaining it may be, it stills makes you wonder what would happen if that were to occur with every human on earth. Some people believe that we do not only use 10 percent of our brains but it is hard to determine what percentage of our brains we use. Even though the 10 percent is considered a myth, scientists still don't know the percentage of our brain that we use. The brain is always active, even when a person is sleeping, the brain continues to process information. There are other myths surrounding the brain like being a left-brain user and the right-brain user. But people are not limited to use one section of their brains but all sections. There's a tv show on Netflix called "Manifest" where a missing and never found plane returns after 5 years but to them, it was a couple of hours. All the passengers on the plane brains are somewhat linked to each other and they can see and hear things that help them solve a bigger picture. I believe that is some sort of out-of-body experience because when they receive these visions and voices, they are either visually taken somewhere or a voice combined with a messenger telling them something. That show opens a lot of possibilities that could happen to us if we were put in the "right" environment. But it's hard to know what more our brain can do because we don't have the resources yet to examine the on a deeper level without removing it from a body.

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