Wednesday, July 21, 2021

End of The World Media

 After going through the class lecture about the end of the world, I thought about why we care so much. If the world ends we would all just be gone and our thoughts and feelings would be no more. (Depending on your beliefs about the afterlife, of course). For our lives to end as we know it so quickly, it is hard to believe so many people enjoy consuming media that revolves around the world ending. In my personal experience, I am terrified of any end of the world related books, movies or television shows. . Shows like the Walking Dead, or the movie The Knowing freak me out. Part of the reason is these scenarios always begin way too realistically. Let’s take the walking dead for example, which I could only handle watching the first few episodes. Zombies started as a result of some sort of Pandemic. We know  that a pandemic resulting in people becoming zombies is not scientifically possible. However, we are still wrapping up two years of the COVID Pandemic ravaging the world. Now, I don’t believe that victims of COVID will be popping out of their graves soon. I am saying that when you mix science fiction with science fact it creates plots that don’t seem so far fetched. When I think of The Walking Dead, I think about how much I prefer my lifestyle now instead of fighting for my survival in a world taken over by zombies.   In the media where the world ends by natural disaster we see information about climate change in the news everyday. Overall, I enjoyed the class lecture and seeing how people actually prepare for a doomsday they are anticipating. I felt they paralleled a lot of what we see in media depictions of the apocalypse. If you enjoy The Walking Dead or other shows and movies that center around the Apocalypse feel free to let me know why!

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