Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Jersey Devil

Since I have lived in New Jersey for my entire life so far, the topic of The Jersey Devil is one that is very interesting to me. Growing up, I would hear about The Jersey Devil but didnt actually learn about the story. I always thought it was a scary attraction that people would buy tickets to attend.

After viewing the lecture, I have a complete understanding of what the Jersey Devil's actual purpose is in the state. The characteristics of The Jersey Devil is a boney head, has wings like a bat and piercing evil eyes. People have speculated that the devil was spotted numerous times in the pine barrens of southern New Jersey and haunts whoever comes close to that area. From the video in the lecture, Trinka noble says that when hens didnt lay eggs, or a well went dry, it was because of the Jersey Devil. In 1909, due to suspicious footprints in the snow, sepculations of The Jersey Devil had caused schools and other public places to shut down. Everyone was scared. After the 1909 scare, there hasnt been an incident that bad since. The Jersey Devil is still a myth that people tell their kids and think about when they are in southern New Jersey. The myth is now sold on merchandise and used for other things that represent New Jersey like the NHL New Jersey Devils.

Whether The Jersey Devil is real or fake, it is interesting to see how everyone reacts to this type of story. Some are scared, some dont believe it one bit, and others use it to make money. I believe The Jersey Devil is a myth, but I like to believe its somewhat scary when it comes to being near the Pine Barrens. Especially near Halloween, I think its fun to believe The Jersey Devil is real because it adds to the thrill of the spooky season.
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  1. I love talking about the Jersey Devil around Halloween! Growing up in South Jersey made it a pretty common spook to tell. My sister and I always liked to joke with our younger cousin that the Jersey Devil lived behind our house, and that you could hear it at night. I have yet to actually hear it. Although, maybe I have and instead thought it was some stray cats fighting in the woods.