Monday, July 29, 2019

Post 2: Cryptozoology

Talk of alleged supernatural creatures seems to always take route in a few things: unexplainable behavior, puzzling sightings, and/or hearsay. For example, the chupacabra was a phenomenon in Latin America because these supposed creatures were mysterious and unexplainable. The killing and strange mutilation of farm animals was disturbing -- no animal kills for fun. The chupacabra was a fast thinking and pseudo-scientific method of explaining the phenomenon. In reality, the chupacabras were just diseased Xolo dogs. Historically, supernatural beings have been used to explain entirely natural occurrences. Another good example of such are Sirens. Sirens were mermaid-like creatures who would sing to sailors out at sea and lure them in with their voices. When the sailors would get close, they would become shipwrecked on the rocks the Sirens sang from and die at sea. In reality, shipwrecks occurred because of storms or strong currents or winds.

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