Friday, July 26, 2019

4/3: Cryptids detecting the invisible.

Cryptids or animals not recognized by science are extremely fascinating because of the of the aura of mystery that surround them. A kid I remember venturing into forested areas in hopes of finding a unicorn. I only found demonic symbols and witchcraft runs spry-panted by teenagers (perhaps more interesting and cooler). however, I was just a kid with zero hunting experience so of corse I was not going to find anything, but zoologist by now if these thing are alive and well there should be something the can be traced back to it but theres nothing. I say this because humans have found the invisible before, manly black holes. A "black object on a "black" background lightyears away but yet we cant find anything that points to the existence of any of these terrestrial beings. rather strange if you ask me.           

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