Saturday, July 27, 2019

Alien Abductions

I honestly want all of my posts to be of a positive nature, but I find myself bothered by the interviews and subjects of so many of our lecture videos. People who claim to be psychic, or are able to heal through god, or can perform "remote viewing"...all of them bring about some of the most dramatic eye rolls I can manage...
Yet of all of the fantastical things that people have claimed to have experienced in the videos and lectures throughout this course, the people that claim to have experienced alien abductions have to be the worst. They are so incredibly unoriginal and specific in their fantasies. We keep hearing about disc shaped spaceships, bright lights & flashes, paralyzing energy rays, laying on cold metal tables (cue the eye roll again). It always seems to happen in small towns, yet the incidents have decreased dramatically as surveillance technologies improve and the ubiquity of cell phone cameras increases.

When television shows come out talking about alien abductions, incredibly, instead of these alleged aliens fearing that they may be caught or hunted by heavily armed humans (who also have the ability and means to travel into outer space), the abductions, instead, increase and more and more people report being abducted! Some of the subjects even claim to be abducted multiple times. Why? How? What are you doing over and over again to put yourself in these positions to not only see aliens, but be taken by them over and over again?

Thank goodness for psychologists and the studies that help us understand these supposed phenomena. As we have learned, these abductees all show the same symptoms and same relatively easily diagnosed psychological disorders, whether it be boundary deficit disorder, false memory syndrome, fantasy proneness, and so on, or a combination thereof. The more fantastical and dramatic these stories become, the more simple and obvious the explanation. So thank you, Dr. Berg and your peers, for being the voice of reason, and researching & exposing the real truth.

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  1. I agree that these topics are very far fetched.. though I am open to the idea of other life forms existing, it is very hard to believe anyone that says they have been abducted by aliens. Those that think this clearly have something else going on, so I agree that the research involved has helped people to better understand it. I just cant think of a green thing coming and taking me in my sleep...