Monday, July 22, 2019


It was interesting to read about what it takes for fortune-telling and cold readings. Being extremely vague such as "you will face a big decision soon" will allow people to think freely and agree with whatever they say. Incredible vagueness is something psychics use to trick their clients into thinking they are 'predicting their future' when in reality they are just saying something that most likely applies to everyone. I never really fully believed in psychics but this just ensures to me that they aren't a reliable source to find out your future. Everything they say is for the most part something so vague and generalized that they will apply to pretty much everyone. And therefore, they are not 'predicitng your future'. Though, there are some "true psychics" that I read about that are able to predict more accurate and detailed information about your life. “True psychics are able to give you accurate and relevant information on specific things which are not obvious, for example, they may mention the exact full name of a person from your past, or a place you spent a vacation." This is something that I would believe more, such as Teresa (the Psychic on TLC). She is able to pinpoint specific details about people that no stranger would know. She is someone that I would believe to be a 'True Psychic', though it is still hard to fully believe that that could be true.


  1. horoscopes tend to use the same trick too. But I did not know were some physics that when beyond a abstract statements.
    ti think this an example of another widely accrete psychic prediction

  2. I think mediums fall into this category too, people who claim to be able to speak with spirits. In reality, they'll have done some research about a person ahead of time, so they know what kind of questions to ask, and the person being interviewed will think the medium did actually contact something