Monday, July 8, 2019

Jersey Devil Myth

Living near the Pine Barrens, I  have always heard different variations of the Jersey Devil Legend. It is to be believed that during the late 1600's Daniel Leeds published his Almanac that included sections on angels, natural magic, astrology, and the behavior of devils. Though, the Quakers of this time did not approve of the "inappropriate language" that was used as they believed one should not speak about the heavens in such a way. Because of this, the Leeds family did not have a very good relationship with the Quaker community. Thus the story to be told is that in the early 18th century, Mother Leeds have birth to her 13th child in the Pine Barrens as she cried out "Oh, let this one be a devil!".  The so called "child" came out to have a horse head with bat wings. After she gave birth the "devil" flew up out of their chimney and disappeared into the woods, where he has been spotted still to this day. There are many stories that I've heard about people's encounters with this 'devil', some were convincing and some not so much. But, one thing that has creeped me out is that most people described seeing the same thing, a horse head with a dragon/bat like body. Also, the picture of the devil that was spotted near Galloway township is slightly concerning... But that can't be real, can it?


  1. I grew up and still live near the Pine Barrens, the story of the Jersey Devil is one that I know very well. I remember going on a field trip to Tuckerton Sea Port and them having a whole exhibit on the Jersey Devil. I became so intrigued by the story. I have a deep fascination with these "mythical" creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and the Jersey Devil. Part of me thinks that these creatures could be real but another part thinks they are just stories. So I agree with you completely.

  2. As some one who use to traverse heavy forested areas around NJ I whole heartedly understand why many people would get a tad spooked by the suggestion of a creature like the Jersey Devil. Combined with its habitat being in the forest, it the perfect recipe for some maximum spookyness. it is very intreating topic, one that could make a good horror film. now that I think of it, I wander if the Blair which project was partly inspired by the Jersey Devil with the hole embodiment of evil "hunting" a forest area. I might be complete wrong but something to think about.