Thursday, July 25, 2019

Post #2 Supposed Psychics

I find it interesting that whenever you needed to prove a psychic wrong all you have to do is not let them use their own props. Like when Uri Geller went on the tonight show and was seen as a fake since they did not let him use his own materials. As a man of science it makes sense that these supposed psychics and their tricks had perfectly reasonable explanations as to how they are done. People are always trying to make a quick buck by fooling people and this is just one of them. I would never believe someone is actually psychic until science can't prove what they say they can do. Also the trying to tell someone's future using really vague predictions that can also sound very specific but can be applied to a large number of things make sense as anyone could say it is about this or that event but since it can be used to describe both they do not actually have the power to predict the future.

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  1. I also find a hard time believing psychics. I don't think that someone could go that beyond in their mental power to see the future or identify the past without any concrete information. Overall informative and good post.