Saturday, July 27, 2019

10% of Our Brains and OBEs

These slides had very interesting testimonials. However going into them, I was already aware that humans utilized over 10% of their brains. I was more focused in on the reports of out of body experiences. I know that it often comes with sedation, mostly with anesthesia medications that are known to be hallucinogenic and disassociates. What I did find fascinating was Wilder Penfield's ability to electrically stimulate the temporal lobes and induce an "elaborate mental state/experiential hallucinations." I wonder if there are any studies done where a patient is under anesthesias known to cause hallucinations, and their cerebral cortex is monitored. There may be similar activity to when Penfield manually electrically stimulated his patients cerebral cortexs. That would further give grounds to why patients are experiencing out of body experiences in the surgical setting.

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