Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2/3: vistigale parts?

A long time ago, I heard someone say "Humans will lose their pinky" (some kid at a playground 12 years ago). At the time I assume what he actually meant was that at some point in the future, children will be born without a pinkie finger. Now, one could say that this was an isolated belief. Kids believe lots of wired things that seem to be unique to individuals. Apparently, this idea is quite the popular pseudo-fact. When searching about this topic, I found this. 

"Yes...it is true that our little finger will disappear in the course of further evolution..Scientists claim that it  had some use in the past, when early man originated from the apes..But as early man further evolved into mordern man this finger gradually lost its function and started to decrease in size due to its disuse...As Homo sapiens sapiens (scientific name of mordern man) are evolving further they will eventually loose this finger (evolution is a continous process)...and humans will be left with three fingers and a thumb in the future..."- quora user.
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I could not find any real scientist supporting this factoid, I think that’s where the issues lie. Its mostly non- scientist spreading this info. Let’s look at other cases of other vestigial body parts and see what happen to them to see if there’s any truth to this claim. The appendix, is still there most people get it removed but it’s there at birth. Wisdom teeth, people who experience pain when these 4th molars start to grow in get them removed but there are still sowing up. The tail, it is gone, we have a small remnant of it but can’t move or be used in any way. that’s it right, case closed the pinky is doomed. Well according to the story, the tail and the pinky finger lost relevance one modern man emerged. If they were both truly vestigial hold overs wouldn’t both be gone, not just the tail. That just begs the question, is the pinkie actually vestigial? I don’t think so, we use it for typing, griping, and plying an instrument. All 3 actions are very common and the pinky assists us in these endeavors. Typing and instrument use my not be its intended peruse but that what is used for now mostly. Why would something that’s still being used just shrink and disappeared? 

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  1. It is interesting to think that humans may not need to use their little pinkie in the future. As of now, the little pinkie provides rock climbers with extra grip, like in many sports. When I think of 3 fingers and a thumb, I cannot help but to think of Mickey Mouse's glove hands. maybe Disney was on to something... hmmmmm. :)