Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mass Delusions and Hysterias

While reading the mass delusions and hysterias lecture, the aromatherapy section had really stood out to me. Aromatherapy uses natural resources to help promote good health and well-being. The biggest form of aromatherapy is through scents because the smell goes directly into the brain. Plant extracts can have a certain purpose for a person's health based off the scent it gives. For example, a lavender plant's scent helps a person fall asleep and help calm their anxiety. This alternative is natural, rather than having to take pills that could harm one's body. The scent triggers the brain that then helps soothe certain illnesses and health conditions. Aromatherapy does not cure illnesses, they only help soothe them or take the pain away. There are 2 other ways you can use the essential oils, drop it in bath water or rub it directly into the skin.

I believe that aromatheropy is a great alternative to promote good health. Its really interesting that each plant has a different purpose in their scent to help humans with their health. The brainn recognizes these scents and specifically soothes the affected areas. I could also relate to this topic because I use essential oils in my everyday life to help maintain god health. I have a bracelet with lava rocks attatched and I place lavender oil onto them. the purpose of the rocks is so they hold the scent all day. Since the bracelet is on me all day with the lavender scent, I feel relaxed all day without feeling nervous.
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  1. As a health science major, your post was very pleasing to read. I do also agree that aromatherapy is a great alternative for health. I think that it is a natural way to help give the brain what it needs to soothe certain things such as illness as you mentioned. This was an overall great post!

  2. At Stockton, I took a class called Alternative Health Care. In the class we had discussed aromatherapy. At first, I didn't think that it would ever work to soothe certain things. I did an experiment because I wanted to see if it would actually work. I knew that lavender was supposed to be a good scent for falling asleep. I tried it one night and had gotten a great nights sleep. I tried it a few more times and it worked and now I am convinced that aromatherapy is very beneficial. I look forward to further exploring other scents.