Sunday, July 14, 2019

Post 3

Out of body experiences are very fascinating and happen frequently. I personally have never had an OBE before, and I don’t know anyone personally that has had that happen to them. There have been instances when I am sleeping, that aren’t considered out of body experiences but are similar. For instance, if you are falling in a dream or get scared, and you flinch or jump in the dream and your body jolts and jumped on the outside as well. That is more of a lucid dream experience than out of body. What I find really interesting is that humans and primates have a similar sense of self and are able to form a mental representation of themselves. The people who have had out of body experiences, have come back changed and with a new perception of the world around them. I have done some research and there are ways to induce your own out of body experience. While I may try to do that, it does freak me out that you could try and induce that yourself. I found some OBE’s that ended up being turned into case studies. A really informative TED Talk on how they can transform a person and society, as well as a video on how to induce your own OBE.

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  1. I found your post super interesting. I immediately thought of the movie "Insidious." Although in the movie it's described as "Astral projection." I don't know how anyone would be willing to induce their own outer body experience. If you've watched "Insidious" you know it doesn't end well. Personally, I do believe in these types of things so I try not to mess with it. I did a post on "sleep paralysis" so that in itself is scary. What if you can't get back to your body? Nice job! :)