Monday, July 8, 2019

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Throughout the years, people have been believing in “make believe” or fictitious monsters and creatures. The stories of these creatures are myths and urban legends that come from “ancient” times. The legend of the Jersey Devil has been told for decades and there are many different variations to the story, but one thing remains consistent, the mother wished that child to be the devil. Dealing with pseudoscience and the paranormal, people are willing to believe these outlandish stories. I feel as though, as an adult, I believe in these creatures and these stories to an extent. The Jersey Devil is a creature that is said to live in the pinelands and in the forest of New Jersey, I don’t think that he exists, but I do think that it is fun to think about. Over time, many people have claimed to see sighting of Bigfoot, UFO’s and even chupacabras. While I don’t want to say they are liars and are making it up, I don’t entirely believe that they think what they saw is really what they saw.

Cryptozoology is a very fascinating field of study and work. While some people think the people, who do that for work may be crazy and aren’t recognized for what they do. Regardless of whether or not the creatures and animals are real, science and forms of study regardless of how unique they may be, they should be respected. The goal of all forms of science and study is to determine that something is real and to prove a point, so zoology as a form of study should have the respect that sociology or even zoology do. As someone who is very into and is fascinated by these unique types of study, I go in with an open mind but don’t fully believe everything at first glance. As someone who grew up in a religious family and in the church, we were told that aliens didn’t exist and that it was all made up, but I don’t fully believe that it is all fake. As a child, I fully wanted to believe in these creatures and want them to be real, because it was just really cool to think about. I feel as though people make up things or believe in the more wild or supernatural thins because they don’t have something else concrete to hold on to and have stock in. But if that works for them and what makes them happy, then why tell them they are crazy and judge them for it. There may have not been any concrete findings in the cryptozoology field, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less of a field of science than biology or chemistry.

Attached is a link to a really interesting article that goes into more detail about the Jersey Devil and his origins.

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