Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UFO abduction

UFO abductions are one of the most insane things to believe in. Every time you listen to a story of someone who was “abducted” you can tell how their story is just like every other one.  Details of the abductions are described with similar details that are already often related to what one would expect from being abducted. The aliens always resemble humans but with bigger heads and eyes.  And everyone is always laying on a table of some kind with all white bright lights around them. Either the aliens do the same thing to every person or people constantly take ideas from other alien abduction stories.This video contains many stories for true believers of their UFO abductions. 

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  1. Aliens have always freaked me out, and I believe in them. I remember always watching shows about Area 51 and alien abductions. There was even one show where 3 or 4 people all had the same rod implanted under their skin in their arms...with no explanation or memory of how..freaky stuff