Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Out of body experiences

An out of body experience is often taken and seen a much more than it really is. Many people who experience this event feel that a higher power of some sort  was trying to speak to them in order to send a message. Take for example the video i posted and how this man feel that he was being directly communicated with. Although this out of body experience that this man had is probably nothing more than a vivid dream that he was able to remember, you can see how he thought we was being directly communicated with.

Though research we are able to have a general idea of why these out of body experience occur. It is common that out of body experiences occur during a times of extreme stress.  For example when someone is stranded in the wilderness and becoming dehydrated or about to have surgery. These types of situations have an adverse effect on how the brain operates. These effects cause the brain to see things in a different way causing what feels like an out of body experience. Knowing how and why this happens gives a different perspective of what actually happening rather then saying Jesus was sending them a message.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    I enjoyed your post on outer body experiences. I also, found the video attached to it to be quite entertaining. The gentleman who was discussing his narrow escape from being sent to hell, prefaced his experience with the fact that the night before, he had watched multiple fire and brimstone type religious videos, became fearful and then prayed fervently, possibly placing himself into a religious trance. It is evident that those videos he had watched, planted a strong power of suggestion into his psyche, and he was fearful of going to hell. This scenario coincides with the trauma, or stress that is said to be a precursor to most of these type of experience’s, and also brings to mind the term,” brain washing”. I have no doubt that this man truly believes that he has seen God.
    Very interesting…

  2. Awesome Post and loved the video. You should check out my post on "DMT and the human spirt". Many DMT users experience some of the same exact things you have described here. I wonder if there is any connection between the two phenomenon.