Sunday, August 7, 2016


In the 1970's taking place in Staten Island NY, lived a mental hosptial called Willowbrook State School. Here it is believed that there were a series of murders committed by a "creature" called cropsey. Cropsey is the creature that lurks at the end of your block, and in Staten Island is viewed as the boogieman. Below is a photo of Willowbrook State School which has been shut down since 1987.
andre rand cropsey seaview hospital

Cropsey is actually a man named Andre Rand, who killed a total of 6 children who where residences of this school. It is said to believe that he felt so bad for the children watching them day in and day out suffer from the social rejection of society. Andre was a janitor here at Willowbrook and finally one day over a series of six years he killed these children and buried them in the back of the hospital where no one could ever find them. Now it is believed that the souls of the children wounder the property haunting it.

andre rand cropseyandre rand cropsey

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