Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pleasant Mills, Batsto NJ

One night, about two years ago, my friends and I decided to go to Pleasant Mills Church. We heard rumors that there was a haunted bridge behind the church, as well as a haunted cemetery attached to it. We arrived at Pleasant Mills around midnight, and immediately, the place felt eery. We walked around to the back of the church, where the bridge was located. It was a pretty calm night, without any wind, so you couldn't hear the water moving in the stream. We were told that we should stand on top of the bridge, and yell for “Emily.” So we did. As each of us called her name, the water under the bridge became more and more rapid. The water became so rough, it was crashing on the bridge we were standing on. As we realized what was happening, our hearts were racing and we ran away from the bridge, back into the parking lot, in front of the church. Next to the church, there was one street light that kept the area well-lit. As we stood there under the light, laughing nervously at what just happened, a shadow flashed in front of the light. At first, I felt like my mind was playing games with me, but as we all stared at the light, we saw a shadow figure lingering in the light. We ran back to my friend’s truck and jumped inside, locking the doors. We sat in the truck for about 15 minutes before deciding that we were going to try to walk through the cemetery, two by two, as we heard you should. As we walked through the cemetery, the air began getting thicker and I found it harder to breathe. We walked about halfway through the cemetery before realizing it was best to turn around to go back to car and leave. We left, and I have not been back since. As much of a skeptic as I am when it come to these things, it was truly strange to just be walking through a cemetery and out of nowhere I was struggling to breathe.

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