Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Demon Haunted World

In the book "The Demon Haunted World" By Carl Sagan, Carl basically debunks the who pseudo-science world from UFO's to the Face of Mars, all the way to faith healing and ghost. He trys to explain the overall scientific and psychological explanations to the reasons for this and elaborated that it is just the human instinct and responses to situations that may make us feel uncomfortable.

While science is a tool of critical thinking and freedom of thought and speech, Sagan really tries to help us understand that aspect of how critical thinking can come to play and understand the differences in human thought.One of my favorite parts is that of which there is no stupid question. Sagan talks about the eveolution thought in America as compared to china. This was during the 1990's however so thought process of it may have changed. But at the time only 45% of americans believed in evolution and 70% of china did not. Its very interesting as to how different countries look and see the world in a scientific and mathematical way as compared to the rest of America. I feel like if we were to focus more on the sciences in America and encouraged our students more to ask questions that may pose more research hypothesis' we will be able to adapt more in our thinking and understand more in the world like we use to back in the early 1900's.

Overall it was a book that tried to understand science and religion. Very boring and drawn out book. I donot recommend anyone to read it.

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