Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Abduction of Travis Walton

The abduction of Travis Walton became the most popular of all abduction stories; both a movie and a book were written about it entitled, “Fire in the Sky.” Travis’s story is that he and his fellow loggers were driving home after work when they all saw some type of unexplained light on the horizon. Intrigued, the men drove towards the light and discovered some type of disc-like object that resembled a diamond emitting a beam of light down to the ground. Travis decided to get out of the vehicle and examine it more closely by stepping inside the shaft of light, peering upwards towards the object. The light beam shocked him, picked him up and threw him to the ground. Travis was knocked unconscious as his friends retreated in the vehicle, afraid of the unexplained object. About a quarter mile down the road, they decided to turn around and go back for Travis. Upon their return, there was no trace of Travis or the object they saw so they went to a shopping mall and contacted the sheriff’s office. The police, suspicious of the story searched the area for Travis but were unable to find him so they went to Travis’ mother’s house and explained to her what happened. His mother didn’t show any emotion to the breaking news which led police to think that they orchestrated a fake disappearance. Over the course of the next few days, search parties were dispatched in hopes of finding Travis, but were unable to locate him. Travis eventually contacted his brother on the phone and explained that he was at a gas station some odd 30 miles away. When his brother picked up him, he appeared very weak, hardly able to stand on his own feet. Travis told his brother about his abduction and wanted to see a doctor immediately. The doctor noted that he had a red mark on the inside of his elbow, which may have been reminiscent of a hallucinogen he may have injected which may be how he came up with his abduction story. He claimed to have woken up in a room with 3 alien being standing by him. He described the beings as weak, fragile beings with hairless bodies and large eyes with slits for mouths. He grabbed a pole and advanced towards them, forcing them to retreat into the hall. Travis followed and discovered a room with what appeared to be a captain’s chair, illuminated by numerous buttons and switches. The room dissolved into a planetarium when he stepped into it, but reverted back when he stepped out of it. He was then confronted by another alien being, a bit more muscular than the other and wearing protective equipment. This being escorted Travis out by the arm through different rooms until he was placed on a table and fitted with what appeared to be an oxygen mask, forcing him to lose consciousness. When Travis awoke, he found himself near the gas station where he contacted his brother and saw the alien craft ascend into space. The story has been critiqued by skeptics ever since the story became public due to having suspicious variables in the story. Personally, I think he’s lying but a lot of people believe this story is true.

Here’s a video of Travis Walton discussing what happened:

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