Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Gates of Hell

I wanted to make a post about the tunnels known as the Gates of Hell, located in Clifton, NJ. The tunnels are formally known as the Weasel Brook underground, which were constructed to collect water during rainstorms. Rumor has it that these tunnels lead to a portal to hell. The tunnels themselves are a site of satanic happenings, missing persons and animal sacrifices. Since I was in high school, I’ve heard stories of this place by multiple people who have ran out of the tunnels because of immense fear. Inside the tunnels, rooms with animal carcasses, candles, satanic and other obscene graffiti as well as other unnerving things can be found. I’ve always wanted to visit these tunnels, but I haven’t due to the possibility of being arrested for trespassing. Inside the tunnel is insane, there’s ladders, different corridors, and walls you have to walk on to get to different locations while trying to balance your weight. The deeper you go, the darker it becomes. Some people are unable to get too far because of how dangerous it is and not having the proper equipment necessary to navigate the tunnels. Do these tunnels actually house a portal to the underworld? Not likely; however, they’re still spooky as ever.  

Here is a video of people navigating the tunnel system:

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