Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Personal Account

A few weeks back a  resident at a nursing community passed away. He was sort of a grumpy man but a nice gentlemen none the less. A few nights after his passing a nurse reported something strange. The call lights in the main foyer indicating a resident needing help was lighting up. Upon further investigation it was found that none of the residents had turned on their call light. The nurses returned to work but only a few minutes later the same thing happened. They went to down the hall and reset every light only to find that they could not fix the problem. They went into the only unoccupied room in the hall, the same room the gentleman had passed away in only a few days before. As soon as they entered they had an eerie feeling, it was cold and creepy in the room. They reset the call light and made a joke about how it could not have been that room because the resident was no longer there and ghosts are not real. As they left the room and walked back to the nurses station they noticed something odd in the dining room. They entered the dining room to see streaks in the shape of a hand print going down the glass window on the door heading outside. They went outside and wiped the prints and left the dining room. Upon returning to the dining room only minutes later they found the same marking on the door. The picture they took is attached below. While there are probably many ways to explain what they saw, no one can deny that this is one creepy tale.

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  1. Very Creepy. It would certainly take a lot more time and effort to get to the bottom of that story. Its funny how our minds start to imagine all sorts of things when we don't know the answer? It's sort of fun to be creep-ed out of scared though, especially with friends and co-workers.