Thursday, August 11, 2016


A medium is someone who can communicate with ghosts or spirits. These individuals often use their "powers" to help others communicate with their deceased loved ones to create closure between them or set peace.
There are even shows and movies based on this. One show was called The Ghost Whisperer, which ran for several seasons. Although the scenarios in the show were not real, the concept was very real. The main character would be contacted by ghosts and she would have to seek out the person they are trying to contact, to create closure, and they would go to "the light," or "heaven."
Another show, which is allegedly real, would be The Long Island Medium. Her name is Theresa Caputo, and she is seeked by the living in hopes to contact their loved ones who have passed away.
Some religious people believe that mediums are evil and the gateway to hell, however others believe that they are just gifts from God to keep contact with those who want to stay around for a while longer
.this is the long island medium.

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