Monday, August 1, 2016

The Jersey Devil is one of the oldest living legends in the United States. It all started when a woman gave birth to baby that transformed in to a devil like creature soon after birth. This demon then went on to attack and kill the mother along with most of the family before escaping. Over the hundreds of years since this legend began the have been sightings all over of the Jersey Devil. Obviously these sighting where nothing more than people not being able to explain what they saw, but I find it interesting how this old legend has fueled so many other weird NJ supernatural locations.

Many teens all over NJ are constantly seeking out the next scary spot to visit over the weekend. The most common place to find this info is on On this site you can see how many different places there are ranging from abandoned locations, ancient mysteries to ghosts. Many people (including me at one time) go out looking for these places to visit. We may all be going to different locations looking for the same thrill but we have all heard of the Jersey Devil. 


  1. Living at Stockton right near the Pine Barrens always freaked me out because of the Jersey Devil. While I don't personally believe in it, so many people have claimed that they've seen it and those stories always get to me. I had no idea of the story behind it, about the mother giving birth to a baby that then transformed into the Jersey Devil. Very interesting!

  2. Brilliant. I used to love reading the old legends about the Jersey Devil when I was a kid. I'm not sure if I actually ever believed in it, but I wanted to for sure. I remember buying the Weird NJ book just to read about the Jersey Devil and how he roams the Pine Barrens.

  3. When I was a kid growing up in this area, My stepdad would always tell us tales of the Jersey Devil. If you go into Oyster Creeks (I think) you can even find some old tales and literature about the Jersey Devil. One night we were leaving the restaurant and we took a turn down an old dirt road. My parents told us we were going to go see the house the JD was born in. We pulled off to the side of the road and my stepdad got out of the car. He walked off to the edge of the visible area in from of the car, peered off into the night, and came running back to the car claiming he saw the Jersey Devil. We (the kids) were terrified and just wanted to get out of there ASAP. Later on I found out they were just messing with us but the memory has always stuck with me.