Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Palm Reading

It is very well known that palm reading is very generalized, and basically a scam.  Yet millions of people are getting their palms read every single day, and there are many different places to get your palm read in every area.  Why do people still continue to go along with this scam? Because everyone wants to know what their future holds.  There is no way to find out what will happen in a persons future, but if someone tells you that they can read your palm and tell you your future, it is pretty tempting.  Palm reading is not a very cheap service either.  One palm reader, Sarah Larson, calls herself Dr. Larson, and sells palm reading programs for around three thousand dollars.  Many people are tricked into paying for this because she calls herself a Doctor, so she must be able to be trusted.  Many palm readers also refer to palm reading as a science, but there is no scientific evidence that palm reading is accurate.
I have had to palm read twice.  My first experience was a total scam.  I went with my grandma, who was dying of cancer, and some how my grandma relayed that information to the palm reader and she took full advantage of my grandma.  She convinced my grandma that she needed to pay to buy a special rock and carry that rock around for a week, and then bring the rock back and pay her to read the rock with her energy on it.  My grandma was literally dying and had hope for everything, and this women completely took advantage of her.  The things the palm reader was saying to me were so off.  She would ask me a question and ask if I could relate to something, which I could not, and then she would get frustrated when she couldn't catch me on something.  My second experience was even worse, probably because it was a palm reader on the Wildwood boardwalk.  I won't even go into talking about that one.  From research and my personal experiences with palm readers, I believe that they truly are a scam and people should not be spending thousands or dollars, or even $15 on them.  

Source: Mark Berg's Psychology slides and skeptic   

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