Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Ghosts of Union county

It always sparked my interest about the 13 bumps for 13 witches on Johnston Drive, a long road that runs up the hills of Watchung Nj to Scotch Plains. This local legend in New Jersey said that 13 sisters who were to be killing children in that area that is known as Deserted Village. Throughout the time there, these witches who killed the children were tried, then hung and supposedly buried on the this road, and were left as bumps. Any time they pave the road, the bumps seem to pop back up every time, and there is no explanation for it. A city clerk in Watching said that recently they completed a paving in June, and they popped up again. Also, if you drive over the bumps and count them and say thirteen witches and turn around, you can see the witches behind you. This legend story, always made me wonder why the bumps simply pop back up? And if this is true about the witches being buried on the road.


  1. This is so cool! I feel like the history of the sisters and the haunted road they left behind would make an awesome basis for a movie. It's super creepy to think that even after repaving the road the bumps still pop back up. I give major credit to the people that live there!

  2. I'm quite curious, does New Jersey have any history of witch hunts or murders? I generally only hear Salem get mentioned when it comes to witch hunts, but never anywhere else. It's an era of history I find pretty interesting, and it'd be pretty cool to know if witch trials were happening right in our backyards.

  3. So I have tried this one my self, and its just straight folk lore. There is no witches that haunt that road. No witches where killed and buried there and if you count the bumps nothing happens. When the road was what is causing the bumps to constantly come back is most likely erosion from the earths layer becuase of where exactly these roads are set.