Monday, July 18, 2016

Emily; The Lady in White

Perhaps one of my favorite ghost stories is one that's close to home. When I was younger my family would vacation in Ocean City NJ. One year we heard about the Ocean City Ghost Tours and we decided to go on it. From the ghost tour, I learned about the Flanders Hotel and the ghost Emily who supposedly lurks within. I enjoyed the tour so much I bought the book Cape May Ghost Stories (book III) which features Emily's story and much more, as well as was able to go inside of the flanders hotel and see the painting of Emily myself.
Painting of Emily by Tony Troy 
The story goes that Emily wanders the hotel barefoot in her white gown. She roams the halls playing with the door locks, swinging doors open and shut, and even humming and singing. Most of the guests and employees report seeing her in the mirrors around the hotel. Emily's identity is a mystery, with some believing that she is a soldiers wife wandering the halls waiting for her husbands return, while others believe she was an employee whom took her own life in the hotel. Yet another story believes that she was an employee whom was engaged and lost her ring in the hotel and has been searching ever since. 


  1. Very interesting story. I love reading Weird NJ type of stories and even adventuring to the locations to see for myself. I would definitely love to check out this one since it's not to far from me!

    1. I checked out only a few of the Weird NJ stories, Jake Brown Road's Nike Missile Base, The Devils Tree, and Clinton Road just to name a few. I really want to go and check out some more when I get a chance.

  2. I found this ghost story really entertaining. Many ghost stories revolve around a women being heartbroken who is looking for something, whether it be her long lost husband or child or an object. However, what I really liked about this story is the multiple interpretations of the story of 'Emily'. My favorite type of ghost stories are ones that are more about the fun of the story then frightening people. Since this story has some different interpretations, it gives it a lighter feel then a typical women in white ghost story.

  3. It's so cool how this is different from the typical ghost story, and that there are many different interpretations and reasons as to why Emily is there. I like the wedding ring idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I went on this ghost tour also when I was younger! My name is Emilee also so it really freaked me out. Its really cool that you have done so much research and read different books about her.